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  1. Install the solution
    1. Click on Settings – Solutions – Import – select downloaded file and continue clicking Next. After Import click Close.
  2. If not presented; create both entities, a Many-To-Many relationship between them (use same relationship and relationship entity name) and a data.
  3. Add the Add-On a form of the chosen entity.
    1. Edit the form in the CRM.
    2. Select Section to place the Add-On.
    3. In the Ribbon above, select INSERT – Web Resource.
    4. Fill Web Resource with NNRel. Fill the name and the label. Fill Custom Parameter (data) with: rel={RelationshipName}. Fill other related fields as needed (Display label on the Form and Formatting tab)
  4. Save and Publish the form or all.
  5. Open a record. The plugin shows all records of the other entity as checkboxes. By clicking, the opened record is dis/associated with the chosen one.
  • If the other entity is showed in Related View on a form, the View is not refreshed after changes made by plugin.
  • Add-On shows up to 50 records of the other entity.
  • It is possible to have multiple instances of the Add-On on a form.
  • It is possible to use the Add-On on a both sides of the relationship.

Installation and Settings in PrintScreens:

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